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2023-03-05 21:41   审核人:

Proposal to Learn the Spirit of Lei Feng

Dear teachers and  students:

       Hello everyone! When the spring breeze in March blows the green river north and south, and everything reveals its fragrance,we always think of an immortal name-Lei Feng! A great call always rings in our ears-to learn from Comrade Lei Feng!"

        With half a century of time elapsing, LeiFeng's spirit shows its true colors and interpretsvirtue,which is more and more shining with the dazzling light of the times.Although Lei Feng has left us,the spirit of Lei Feng will always exist. No matter in the past,now or in the future,the spirit of Lei Feng is a flag that will never fade,which helps us create a civilized city and build a beautiful Haidian.

      In this "learning from Lei Feng activity month",our love in the brilliant spring was ignited.At this point,we have issued an initiative to all teachers and students:

       Learn from Lei Feng volunteer service--l signed up to be the successor of Lei Feng spirit. Like thousands of moral models and city volunteers,they extend their warm hands and sincere love to actively participate in various public welfare activities. And use their own civilized behavior to show the new fashion and new appearance of the new generation of young peoplelet the spirit of Lei Feng and the pulse of the times beat together.

       Learn from Lei Feng volunteer service--l dedicate, strive to be the practice of Lei Fengspirit. Vigorously promote the volunteerism of"dedication,friendship,mutual assistance and progress" and "I participate,I dedicate and I am happy". Actively participate in the promotion of voluntary services such as "Care for the Empty Nest Elderly, Care for the Disabled Left Behind",The ability to help,between the little dedication, perseverance to promote the launch of learning from Lei Feng volunteer service activities.

Remember Lei Feng's day,can't lack your participation, looking forward to the eyes of love, can't lack your help,forever Lei Feng,immortal spirit.Let us take action, practice Lei Feng's practice,pursue Lei Feng's pursuit, stretch out our hands, and offer our love, so that the spirit of Lei Feng can consolidate its strength in the process of building a civilized city across the country. Play together the strong voice of the times to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng!


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